Toba Token
About Us

The TOBA token is a digital asset that will be issued to you upon delivery of your chosen TOBA PREMIUM or PRIMA models100x Tokens will be sent to your digital wallet and your bikes service record will be kept on the blockchain alongside these tokens which can be transferred to other digital assets or be used within the TOBA eco space forever more. The application with the bike when a network effect takes place correlated with the volume of bikes on the ground will allow peer to peer transactions to happen within a community.For example if you had a TOBA electric bike and you would be willing to run errands for people in your local village you could give them your public key and every time you was available you could receive payments in TOBA tokens to exchange for other digital tokens around the world for your services.Every 1000 miles you ride you will receive 10 Tokens to a maximum of 10000 miles allowing each bike to produce a total of 200 tokens.There are only a maximum of 15,000,000 Digital Tokens ever to be produced. Every 5 million that are released to the market the reward for purchase and use will be halved to 50 TOKENS for a new bike and 5 for each 1000 miles up to 5000 miles.

Please be aware that you are buying an electric bicycle and the digital assets you receive are given as a digital reflection of your purchase and a digital reward for use and positive contributions to the community such as pothole fixing in an effort to push the boundaries of economic theory and experiment with the idea of decentralised free markets inspired by Austrian Economics and Cryptography Currency.As a Limited company we are looking to bring credibility and audit every transaction on the blockchain to be totally transparent and explore the potential of having a truly borderless and trustworthy medium of exchange to store value that will eventually allow customers to atomic swap in an instant a multitude of digital assets related to your favourite products and services.This project is as new for us as everyone so we are really looking to bring everyone along with us as innovators and get all of our TOBA electric bike customers up to speed with how to receive and store their digital assets. This digital course will be given FREE of charge prior to your bike delivery.This course is available for non buyers of a bike at a cost which can be discounted from a bike should you buy one later on. If you are just curious about knowing more about digital tokens before you are in a position to buy a bike that is fine just join the course and you will be able to purchase using the latest digital currencies.

Only 15,000,000 TOBA Tokens will ever be produced

3,000,000 released prior to TOBA models T & P Delivery ETA June (InitialProduct Offering IPO) from NOVEMBER 23rd 2018 to 23rd May 2018 - £2.50 per TOBA TOKEN accepting ALL major digital tokens

FRIDAY 22nd FEBRUARY 2019 - Token Generation Event - All tokens purchased so far will be issued to trade openly on the market before your product is delivered.


For every bike sold - The customer will receive the following:-

  • 100x Tokens for the first 1000x TOBA T & P models sold (Delivered in June worldwide)
  • 50x Tokens for 1001-10,000x Bikes sold (GRAND HALVING) TOBA T & P Customers
  • 25x Tokens 10001 -100,000 Bikes Sold (Grand Halving) on all TOBA models
  • 12.5 Tokens 100,001 - 1,000,000 Bikes Sold(Grand Halving) TOBA A- F (Automation or Flying machine)
  • 6.25 Tokens 1,000,001 - See what happens - TOBA S (SPACE?)

Every miles ridden - The customer will receive the following:-

  • For the very first 1000 customer per 1000 miles = 10x Tokens
  • 1001-10,000 - 5 Tokens per 1000 miles
  • 10001 -100,000 - 2.5 Tokens per 1000 miles
  • 100,001 - 1,000,000 - 1.25 Tokens per 1000 miles
  • 1,000,001 - 10,000,000 - 0.625 Token per 1000 miles
  • Continuation of halves until zero by .8

To ensure the scarcity of the tokens and the continued development of TOBA electric bikes the Token reward will half in line with the number of units and miles ridden above. We believe this is the best practice in the new industry of product tokenisation using the latest methods and technology to real bike to the future.