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We have combined our desire for electric bikes and our passion for digital technologies to produce a world class range of electric bikes that will revolutionise how we use electric bikes and digital tokens in the near future. Toba Electric Bikes was founded 15 years ahead of its time by introducing electric bikes to the UK & Europe in 2003 from Japan Tokyo. We are reflecting on these developments of the past to produce a product for the future.

By combining the technology of an electric bike with the development of a smartphone application and using blockchain technology to produce tokens we can manage the products life cycle in a linear fashion. This will allow us to reward the customer for using the product or receive extra tokens for providing services within the community. Through the TOBA bike application you could become your own peer to peer couriers business or a service agent for the brand all managed through the application making the bike come to life. These tokens will then be able to be exchanged for the other major cryptocurrencies we support through Binance.


2002 January 23rd I woke up in Tokyo with a burning desire to find a new product from Japan to take back home to the UK.
2003 Tokyo electric bike inspiration from Tim my brother in the UK to check out the 'Honda Step Compo' which resulted in my contacting Honda for a Demonstration.
2004 Toba Electric Bikes was born on June 1st 2004
2006 Team Toba Electric Bikes Won the first ever electric bike race at Presteigne
2009 Satoshi white-paper issued and the world felt dark doing my MBA in Economics
2011 Bitcoin was used to buy a pair of socks for Glastonbury.
2015 New concept electric bike (Beat bike) was inspired from listening to music whilst electric mountain biking feeling at one with nature, body and machine
2016 The 'Beat Bike' Toba model was first created but we felt the TOBA story was too strong in nature to be just a model name so we have build the brand around the powerful implications that 'Danau Toba' was the result of almost a big bang on earth that literally reset the progress of evolution to start again.
2017 Beat Bike is the most succesful in our range this season.