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Our urban electric bikes are designed to take you from one place to another in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Comfortable geometries and all of the necessary characteristics for urban use and riding, together with exclusive technology to help you go further and faster than ever thanks to its electric pedalling assistance. Going to work, getting around the city, weekend trips…it’s the same, but this time faster.


This is the bike for you if

You are looking for an electric bike for urban use. It has a rear motor with great power and high efficiency, incorporating a 250 Wh high capacity battery.


Rear Motor

This bike is equipped with a 250W rear mounted motor.


Display LCD

The compact and lateral display LCD allows a better display of the functions.


Foldable Frame

The Foldable Alloy 18″ frame allows you to fold the bike and carry the bike with you in public transport. It combines a quick and green way of a daily commute. It also improves the bike security, as you always have your bike with you.


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